Safety Patrols 


    The School Safety Patrols are an essential component to the arrival and dismissal procedures that welcome students to school everyday and send them home after a day of learning. The patrols are made up of 4th and 5th graders who have earned the privilege to wear their safety belts.  Their responsibilities include reporting to their posts on time, welcoming students in at each entry door, assisting when younger students bring in projects or need their shoes tied, helping our younger children get to their classes in the morning and ensuring that students are acting in a safe manner in the hallways and outside after school. Our patrols follow the guidelines of AAA and wear the AAA safety patrol belts.  These exemplary students do a wonderful job of helping to keep our students safe and start and end their days with a kind smile and a helping hand. In addition to keeping our students safe, the safety patrols serve as excellent role models for our younger students and for students who aspire to take on a leadership role in our school.