Pvt. Nicholas Minue School Honor Society


    National Elementary Honor Society is one of the most prestigious honors that can be awarded to an elementary student.  Pvt. Nicholas Minue School is proud to have a National Elementary Honor Society chapter within our school. The National Elementary Honor Society acknowledges those students who excel academically and consistently  demonstrate the NEHS five pillars of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.   Fourth and fifth grade students who meet NEHS criteria are recommended to represent our chapter.  They become members through a local selection process which includes an induction ceremony and a pledge to serve their school and the community. Each year, existing members of NEHS have the opportunity to welcome new members into our chapter.  In addition to maintaining high grades the students are required to fulfil 10 hours of school/community service. Members of the NEHS have contributed to the school and community by volunteering for tutoring programs, becoming reading buddies with younger students, engaging in Read Across America activities, creating baskets of essential supplies for veterans, and organizing charitable donations to community organizations.  The NEHS experience provides an opportunity to prepare and shape students for their future school experiences in middle school and high school.