Signs of Suicide (SOS) prevention program

  • Carteret Junior High School is working to address the problems of youth depression and suicide in our school and community by participating in the Signs of Suicide® (SOS) prevention program. The program highlights the relationship between mental health and suicide, teaching that suicide is often a fatal response to a treatable disorder—depression. While encouraging individual help-seeking, the program uses peer-to-peer messaging that encourages students to ACT® (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) when concerned about themselves or a friend. 

    SOS Program Key Message: ACT® 

    The SOS programs use a simple and easy-to-remember acronym, ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell), to teach students action steps to take if they encounter a situation that requires help from a trusted adult. 

    • Acknowledge that you are seeing signs of depression or suicide in yourself or a friend and that it is serious. 

    • Care: Let your friend know how much you care about them and that you are concerned that they need help. 

    • Tell a trusted adult that you are worried about yourself or a friend. 

    The program uses a universal approach to assist in the identification of youth at risk. We do not use the screening form described in the program. For more information, please explore by using the link to the parent portal: