The CMS Art Classroom with Mrs. DeRuvo

Julia DeRuvo
  • In 5th Grade Visual Arts we will focus on building up our technical skills using the Elements of Art!

    In 6th Grade Visual Arts we will focus on expanding our creative skills using the Principals of Design!

    I strive to create a classroom full of positivity, creativity, compassion, and support for every student.

About Mrs. DeRuvo

  • Professionally I am an art educator and in my personal practice I am a mixed media artist! I create work questioning how decoration indicates class or social status. I experiment with positioning low art /craft into a fine art setting. I research the work of women makers and historical decorative trends to determine what crafts I can utilize as decoration. I spend time learning each craft traditionally. Then, I continue to explore and transform these materials, using them both in the way they were traditionally intended, and in ways they were not.