Degrees and Certifications:

Kean University 2019 BFA, Studio Art, Art Education Certification NJ P-12 City College of New York 2021 MA, Art History & Museum Education

Jessica Fiore

Welcome my amazing artists!

Art class is all about the process of making and creating.  During our time together in art class, students will be encouraged to explore the artistic process, by planning, creating and reflecting.  We will be working with a variety of materials throughout the year and will be exploring many different mediums, artists, and techniques.  Art class promotes an environment that fosters creativity, independence, and self expression. 


During Art Class, we will only be using the supplies that I provide during class. If you have your own supplies- fabulous! You can use those to create at home.

Each class has Art for 1 period per week- our Art Class Guidelines will help us to be the best that we can be so that we can spend as much time as possible creating masterpieces together!


Art Class Guidelines:

A- Attitude; We will be positive and kind to one another.

R- Respect yourself, others, and the art supplies.

T- Tidy up! 

I- Imagine! Create! Explore!

S- Share our supplies.

T- Try your best!



Every marking period each student is graded based on their adherence to the expectations of Studio Behavior. Each project is graded based on an Art Project Rubric.

Studio Behavior:

  • Quietly listen when another person is speaking. 
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself and to your own artwork.
  • Use the art supplies with respect
  • Follow instructions and safety rules

3rd and 4th Grade will also be graded on 2 project-specific skills for each formal assessment, whereas 1st and 2nd grade will be graded on only 1 project-specific skill for each formal assessment.


I can always be reached at my email,

I can't wait to have an amazing year with you!