Pre-K Program

  • Our district has adopted the Tools of the Mind preschool program. This research-based curriculum has the NJ Preschool Teaching and Learning Standards embedded in planned activities with opportunities for children to develop and discover their strengths as a student. At the forefront, the program allows students to develop their working memory, self-regulation, dramatic play and cooperative learning.


    Please visit the Tools of the Mind website for more information:

    What can I do at home to support the Tools of the Mind Curriculum?

    If your child is enrolled in a Tools of the Mind program, you may receive newsletters describing activities used in the classroom to support self-regulation and executive functions, as well as suggestions for how you can foster self-regulation and executive functions at home. Here are some strategies to get you started:

  • Support Make-believe Play and Dramatization

  • Model How You Think, Plan and Regulate Your Behavior

  • Support Child Planning and Include Children in Decision-making

  • Support the Development of Executive Functions

  • Establish Routines

  • Leverage Planning, Anticipation & Rules

  • Play Games and Activities that Support the Development of Self-regulation and Executive Functions