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  • Mrs. Massenzio, 

    • Minue School Social Worker
    • HIB Coordinator 
    • Homeless Liason
    • 504 Coordintator
    • CST Social Worker/ Initial Case Manager


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    Mrs. Massenzio's counseling corner:

    It is at this time when we need to make the most of our organizational skills to help us maintain balance in our hectic lives and the lives of our children. It is also important for children to begin to develop these very skills so that they learn responsibility and gain a sense of independence.

    Some children are naturally organized but for a great many, organization is a skill that is learned over time. Most tasks can be broken down into three steps which include: getting organized, staying focused, and getting it done. Getting organized involves making sure your child goes where he or she needs to be and gathers the necessary supplies to complete the task or assignment.  Staying focused means sticking with the task and saying “no” to distractions.  The final step, getting it done, involves finishing the task, checking over your work, and making sure that the final product is in its appropriate spot.Teaching your child these steps will lay the foundation for more independence and consistency when completing tasks, in addition to increasing your child’s self-esteem as a result of being proud of his or her accomplishments.

     Tips on Teaching the Process to Your Child:

    1.      Introduce the idea

     2.      Brainstorm what might get easier if your child were more organized

     3.      Set expectations

     4.      Make a plan/Choose one task to focus on

     5.      Be a low-key coach

     6.      Think in questions: Teach your child to ask questions while completing a task such as, "Did I make sure my name was on the paper?" or, "Did I put my homework in my book bag?"

     7.      Give It Time 


        Information obtained from: Kidshealth.org


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