Welcome to Kindergarten
  • Kindergarten is an exciting year for all students.  Through our curriculum, Tools of the Mind, the students have the chance to learn about Dinosaurs, Medievil Knights, Mummies, Pirates, Ninjas, and many other places.  In Math, we learn to add and subtract, to count to 100 and all about shapes.  This is a wonderful year where the children also learn how to work with other children and problem solving skills when working in small and large groups.  So much happens in our classroom.  I can't wait to lead your child on this fantastic journey.



    ***Our first day of school is September 2nd.  We will start with a zoom meeting at 8:30 am.  I will email the invitation to all parents.  We are currently waiting for information about our online platform.  I will get you that email as soon as I get something.