• Spanish Websites for Kids

     1.Click here for a link to 123 Teach Me; https://www.123teachme.com/

    This is a great site with pronunciation guides (audio), flashcards, videos, songs, lyrics, and more. For vocabulary

    In particular, check out these flashcards.

    2.Click here for a link to SpanishDict https://www.spanishdict.com/

    Here you can find interactive flashcards to teach kids the Spanish words for colors, clothing, numbers, and more!

    3.Click here for a link to Digital Dialects https://www.digitaldialects.com/Spanish.htm

    This site is full of fun, easy-to-play games that teach Spanish grammar, vocabulary, and conversation skills. The

    Spanish games cover a wide range of topics, including greetings, colors, numbers, foods, units of time, animals,

    and clothing.

    4.Click here for a link to Salsa https://www.gpb.org/salsa

    This is a children's TV show that is free to watch online. It's all in Spanish, but it includes a translation of each

    episode. There are also a few games and activities for kids to play.

    5.Click here for a link to Rockalingua https://rockalingua.com/

    This subscription-based site also offers a lot of free content, including songs, videos, games, and picture


    6.Click here for a link to Online Free Spanish https://www.onlinefreespanish.com/

    This site is full of resources in Spanish from level one up to advanced. It includes songs, vocabulary, and grammar lessons.

    7.Click here for a link to Spanish Town  http://www.spanishtown.ca/

    This site has several different activities to learn Spanish, including crosswords, word finders, tests, and lessons in vocabulary and grammar.

     8.Click here for a link to Spanish Playground https://www.spanishplayground.net/

    This site includes vocabulary lessons, songs, printables, crafts, activities, books, and more.

    9.Click here for a link to BookBox https://bookbox.com/

    Bookbox offers online books available in different languages. Your kids can build reading and listening skills while they listen to stories with Spanish subtitles.

    10.Click here for a link to Calico Spanish https://calicospanish.com/

    Calico Spanish is a wonderful resource for elementary Spanish curriculum. In addition to their classroom and homeschool materials, they offer free online Spanish videos via YouTube.

    11.Click here for a link to PBS Kids https://pbskids.org/

    Noah is the protagonist of the PBS Kids digital series Oh Noah! The series is designed to introduce children ages four through seven to Spanish in an entertaining way.

     12. Click here for a link to Story Place https://www.storyplace.org/es

    Toggle over to the Spanish version of the site for books and activities in Spanish.

    13 Click here for a link to Duolingo https://www.duolingo.com/course/es/en/Learn-Spanish  

    It is a very popular free app to learn Spanish.