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Mrs. Strashinsky

     Welcome to Mrs. Strashinsky's 2nd grade!  This is a wonderful place to be, where learning is thought provoking and fun.  We are continueing with a math program that encourages learning through all learning styles utilizing various strategies.  It promotes conversations amongst students using grade level appropriate academic vocabulary and being open minded about each others strategic opinions.  Our reading program focuses on various comprehension skills and will involve choice upon many reading selections.  We will continue to improve students' phonemic awareness and Language Arts components.  We will expand our minds around various Social Studies and Science topics throughout the year.  We will also become creative writers who use vivid adjectives and details.  We will have morning meetings so we can learn about each other and communicate with open hearts and minds.  My goal is to have a learning environment where learning and fun work hand in hand!  I am looking forward to a fantastic year!


Where fun and learning go hand in hand.