• WIngman

    Wingman is a social and emotional learning program that inspires children to go above and beyond for others, instilling them with the courage and leadership to create strong, inclusive communities. 


    Wingman uses the principles of experiential education; learning through immersive experience and focused reflection. This program is student-centered.  Students are trained as facilitators and take the lead running activities in the classroom with their peers.


    Wingman has been developed by Dylan’s Wings of Change, a foundation created by Ian Hockley for the memory of his son, Dylan, one of the first grade victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14th, 2012.


    We began in September 2019

    In September 2019, we began to implement the program after interested leaders completed the application process and were selected.  They underwent a 2 day training in the summer in preparation.


    During the school year, once a month, our Wingmen branched out into classrooms to work with students.  Some activities involve students learning the names of others, or finding common interests.  Others focus on empathy or compassion.  No matter the activity, our goal is to reduce social isolation through building interactions and relationships.  


    Wingman Champions

    Wingman Champions are those school staff who are dedicated to supporting the student leaders throughout the program. The Wingman Champions at CMS are Ms. Corinne Crowhurst, Ms. Noelle Ebler, Ms. Kristen Johnson, and Mrs. Alanna Mercurio.


    You can more about the Wingman program at https://wingmanleague.org/about-us