• Welcome

    Mr. Turco 8th Grade Math 8th 2020 - 2021

    Welcome to 8th grade!  I am very happy and excited to work with you this year.  


    Students must be present in ZOOM Meet for all of the virtual learning.  Attendance is mandatory and the normal class times will be followed.   Students must have their camera on and their microphone on mute when class begins.    All assignments are due at the end of your specific class time.  



    • For the all virtual setting, all students need a device with a good internet connection at home.  It will also be VERY IMPORTANT that students have sharpened pencils and a math notebook to use each day (Students May have a Individual Notebook for Math Only or Use ONE section of their 5 Subject Notebook just for Math).  


    • These supplies are for when in-person Hybrid instruction begins: Mask, 5 Subject Notebook, Earbuds, School Issued Chromebook, Pencils/Pens, Erasers, Hand held pencil sharpener.  



    •  A 90-100        B 80-89          C 70-79          D 60-69          F 59 and Below
      • 50% Grade is Test/Quiz, 40% is Classwork, and 10% Homework/Partcipation



    • EXTRA HELP IS AVAILABLE.  Please take advantage of this when needed.
      • Each School Day from 1:15pm -2:00pm I am available to provide extra help to students  via Zoom - Link will be posted Daily.  I will also communicate with students through GOGUARDIAN.   
      • Each School Day from 2:00pm - 2:35pm I am available to contact parents via Email as needed.  
        • There will be some days that I will reach out to specific students and parents to provide extra help.  If you are someone that I don't reach out to but you are in need of extra help, please reach out to me and we will schedule it.  



    • Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Do not hesitate.  I look forward to working with you this year!  


    Other Important Information:

    • We will be using GOOGLE CLASSROOM (each student should have already recieved an invite through School Email to join our class - please complete before 1st day of school on September 2nd 2020
    • We also will be using Remind 101 APP for announcements and messages throughout the year.   Remind Codes will be found in Google Classroom on September 3rd.  Parents may also sign up for Remind Messages.   Mr Turco will be posting a Parent Google form in Child's Classroom for them to fill out.  
    • Math is not a Spectator Sport - You Need To Participate to gain understanding.

    Student Working