• Thank you for visiting my Teacher's Page.   Here is my schedule for the 2020-21 School Year:
                                      Period 2          System 44, Room 209
                                      Period 3          ELA6/1-ICR with Mrs. Dominguez, Room 114
                                      Period 5          System 44, Room 209
                                      Period 6          ELA6/2-ICR with Mrs. Dominguez, Room 114
    If you need any extra help, or have any concerns, please feel free to email me at jleschek@carteretschools.org 
  • All systems are go for your journey through  SYSTEM 44 
    In this class you will be reading stories on various different topics.  If you like working on computers, which I am sure everyone does, you will be spending a 15 minute rotation on the System 44 software.  While working with the 44 book, you will explore various genre such as social studies, science, technology, and life issues.  So, jump on ……
  • Sixth grade In-class Resource ELA
    Freak the Mighty
    Tuck Everlasting