• Welcome to Mr. Cintron's 6th grade Language Arts and Read 180 class. I am so excited to see you all and I know you are also excited to be in the exciting, energetic Carteret Middle School.  sixth grade is a year of transition, in which you will have higher expectations and more responsibilities. You will also be rotating classes, which means depending on your schedule, I will see you at one point of the day.  We will be exploring reading new, interesting novels, and we will be reading a combination of fiction and nonfiction passages. We will use a combination of lecture, student discourse, individual student meetings, and technology instruction to engage students in the classroom environment.   Be ready to have a great year!!!!!



    Parent/Teacher conferences will take place on Thursday, 2/25/21.  In order to acces the zoom link for our conferenes, you must use your childs school device. Enter through CLEVER. Once you log into the CLEVER PAG, look for "Parent/Teacher Conferences".  Click on the box, then click on the "Parent/TeacherZoom Link" icon.   

    The first session of conferences will take place between the hours of 1:15 - 3.    The second session will take place between the hours of  6-8.  

    Parent/Teacher conference Zoom Link 


    Parent/Teacher conferences time schedule Parent/Teacher conferences time schedule